Owl's Acre Seed

About Us...

Owl's Acre Sweet Peas has grown consistently since its inception in 1998, when it was established by Mark Rowland and Maggie Goodsall as the retail partner to their wholesale seed business, Laughing Owl Sweet Peas. It has now evolved to become Owl's Acre Seed, offering a greater range of products. We still specialise in Lathyrus odoratus, the sweet pea, and continue to offer a diverse range of seed, as well as a selection of other Lathyrus species, ornamental and vegetable seed.

Elizabeth Crawford now manages the online business and is gradually building a program of seed production in Devon and East Yorkshire.

Before taking on Owl's Acre Seed, Elizabeth trained as a Medical Herbalist, a path that has brought her into ever closer relationship with the plant kingdom. Her understanding of medicinal plants extends to the healing potential of beauty and sensory experience that we so often encounter through our engagement with flowers and the process of gardening. She brings a keen interest in ethnobotany and sustainability to her work in horticulture, and her longer term plans include offering organic and biodynamic sweet pea and vegetable seed.