Owl's Acre Seed

General Information

The National Sweet Pea Society 'promotes knowledge and cultivation of Lathyrus odoratus (sweet peas) and other members of the Lathyrus family'. Offering membership, growing tips and a small shop with sweet pea products and books.  - http://www.sweetpeas.org.uk/index.html

Lathyrus.info has been created by Mark Rowland to provide wide ranging information about sweet peas and other Lathyrus species. Includes sections on pests and diseases, morphology, history and an extensive directory of varieties and species- http://www.lathyrus.info/index.html

Growing and Cultivation

Advice on growing sweet peas varies, with some disagreement among growers as to the surest methods of achieving high quality blooms. Here are a couple of good guides that may be of use to the beginning grower, or to the more experienced grower looking for new ideas or inspiration. Whenever you order seed from Owl's Acre Seed you will also receive a printed copy of our own cultivation notes, relevant to the species or varieties you have purchased.

Cut flower grower Erin Benzakein of Floret Flowers offers some great growing guidelines from her blog. Part One details sowing and germination; Part Two discusses growing on cultivating high quality blooms.                                                                                                           Part One - http://www.floretflowers.com/2014/01/growing-great-sweet-peas-part-1/                                                                                                  Part Two- http://www.floretflowers.com/2014/01/growing-great-sweet-peas-part-2/

Royal Horticultural Society guide to growing sweet peas - https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?PID=464

Botanical Art

Maggie Goodsall produces botanical paintings and greetings cards, including a large selection based on sweet peas. Together with husband Mark Rowland she runs the Laughing Owl Nursery in Lincolnshire -http://www.owlsacrestudio.com