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Other Lathyrus Species

Within the genus Lathyrus there are over 160 recorded species. Though many are in cultivation in the UK, not all are suited to the temperate climate of the northern hemisphere and can be more challenging to grow than the sweet pea, though the rewards are many. As well as Lathyrus odoratus, the sweet pea, Owl's Acre Seed offers a number of other perennial and annual Lathyrus species that may be grown in Britain by the home gardener. Though these species do not exhibit the fragrance that characterises the sweet pea, the flowers possess the familiar butterfly-like form common to the Faboideae, a subfamily of the Fabaceae (pea family), making beautiful garden ornamentals. Also, a number of species produce flowers excellent for cutting. L. belinensis, the Belin Pea, is most similar to L. odoratus in it's climbing habit. Other climbing annuals are L. chloranthus and L. tingitanus. L. latifolius and L. rotundifolius are notable climbing perennials, and L. nervosus too will climb to a couple of meters, though it tends towards a more scrambling habit. Among these species are colours unseen among the L. odoratus varieties, including yellow (L. chloranthus) and true blue (L. nervosus). More information about each species can be found on the individual product pages. Click the links above to find out more.